This is a maha movement to bring quality products at affordable rates to the state and rest of the country purely on the swadeshi vaigyanic model.

Products are limited and we have focussed hard in their quality and pricing:

Soap: An assortment of 6 varieties of soap. Each flavor and scent an epic in itsef.

Sandal, Turmeric, Neem, Milk, Multhani, Rarest Pranavahini flower extract soap(Limited)

Agarbathi : Scents made from non violent sources and people!

Sandal, Mogra, Lavender mainly and some occasionally mixed varients from our lab.!

Brushes: Shaving, and tooth brushes of different shapes and sizes.

Agricultural wires : Used for supporting plants or creepers.

Broom: A master piece developed by our very own design team. A super product with never withering bristles.

Agricultrual pots : please visit www.right-pot.com for more information.

For agency and other related product requests contact below.

Contact – 9483961088 or 8095910888

email :-- haricows@gmail.com